Predictors and social consequences of broad social identifications - cross-cultural research

Principal Investigator: Katarzyna Hamer
Team: Following people were engaged in realization of the project on same stage or on all of them: Katarzyna Hamer, the principal investigator (IPPAN, Poland); Sam McFarland (WKU, the USA), the main cooperant; Marta Penczek (SWPS Univ, Poland), Marek Drogosz (SWPS Univ, Poland); Anna Włodarczyk (UCN, Chile), Agnieszka Golińska (Tecnológico de Monterrey; Mexico); Liliana Manrique Cadena, (Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico); Manuel Leonardo Ibarra Espinosa (UAEM, Mexico); Barbara Czarnecka (London South Bank University, UK), Henryk Goworek (SWPS Univ, Poland), Patricia Ikeonyekachukwu (SWPS Univ, Poland); Rose Obioha (SWPS Univ, Poland)
Funding: HARMONIA NCN 2014/14/M/HS6/00914 grant; 2015-19 (funded by Polish National Science Centre NCN)

The main goal of the project is to analyze psychological predictors and consequences of broad supranational social identifications such as identification with all humanity (IWAH) in the cross-cultural context. This project includes experiments, cross-sectional studies, and an opinion poll. It has many stages and is executed in cooperation between researchers from six countries: Poland, the USA, the UK, Mexico, Chile, and France.

The project has been finished and the process of changing the results into papers is in progress. Check our news, and publication sections!