Paul Bertin

Short description

Ph.D. in psychology, Center for Social and Cultural Psychology (CeSCuP), Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium

Places of work

Center for Social and Cultural Psychology (CeSCuP), Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium

former: Laboratoire d’Anthropologie et de Psychologie Cliniques, Cognitives et Sociales (LAPCOS, EA7278), Université Côte d'Azur, Nice, France

Summary of research

Belief in conspiracy theories,

Social identity management strategy,

Sport Fandom behaviour

Research interests


My ongoing thesis is about belief in conspiracy theories in the context of intergroup relations.

In the Identification with All Humanity Lab I have been testing equivalence of the IWAH scale in France, researching the universality of the associations between IWAH and a range of humanitarian measures as well as linking IWAH with conspiracy belief measures.


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Bertin, P., & Delouvée, S. (2021). Affected more than infected: The relationship between national narcissism and Zika conspiracy beliefs is mediated by exclusive victimhood about the Zika outbreak. Journal of Pacific Rim Psychology.

Nera, K., Wagner-Egger, P., Bertin, P., Douglas, K., & Klein, O. (2021). A Power-Challenging Theory of Society, or a Conservative Mindset? Upward and Downward Conspiracy Theories as Ideologically Distinct Beliefs. European Journal of Social Psychology.

Bertin, P., Nera, K., Hamer, K., Uhl, I., & Delouvée, S. (2021). Stand out of my sunlight: The mediating role of climate change conspiracy beliefs in the relationship between national collective narcissism and acceptance of climate science. Group Processes and Intergroup Relations. Group Processes and Intergroup Relations. 24(5), 738-758.

Hamer, K., Penczek, M., McFarland, S., Włodarczyk, A., Łużniak-Piecha, M., Golińska, A., Manrique Cadena, L., Ibarra, M., Bertin, P., & Delouvée S. (2021). Identification With All Humanity - cross-cultural test of factorial structure and measurement invariance of the scale. International Journal of Psychology. 56 (1), 157-174.

Bertin, P., Nera, K., & Delouvée, S. (2020). Conspiracy Beliefs, Rejection of Vaccination, and Support for hydroxychloroquine: A Conceptual Replication-Extension in the COVID-19 Pandemic Context. Frontiers in Psychology, 11, 2471.