Maria Baran

Short description

Ph.D, cross-cultural psychologist, Assistant Professor at SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Warsaw, Poland

Places of work

Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Psychology at SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Warsaw, Poland. Instructor at GLOBAL Minds European Master in the Psychology of Global Mobility, Inclusion and Diversity.

Member of International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology (IACCP), Polish Association of Social Psychology (PSPS), and Identification With All Humanity Lab.

Intercultural competence trainer working in business and education.

Summary of research

Acculturation, culture contact, broad social identifications, identification with all humanity, resilience, gratitude, attitudes towards migrants

Research interests

I am a cross-cultural psychologist specializing in the topic of the psychology of acculturation and migration as well as intercultural competencies. I'm mainly interested in the psychological consequences of culture contact; broad social identifications (a.o. Identification with all humanity); resilience, and gratitude.


 Selected publications:

Baran, M., & Grzymała-Moszczyńska, H. (2022). Integration Policy. In: M. Budkowski, & M. Duszczyk (Eds.), Hospitable Poland 2022+. How to wisely support Poland and Poles in helping people fleeing the war in Ukraine? (pp.105-118). WISE Europa.

Marchlewska, M., Hamer, K., Baran, M., Górska, P., & Kaniasty, K. (2022). COVID-19: Why Do People Refuse Vaccination? The Role of Social Identities and Conspiracy Beliefs: Evidence from Nationwide Samples of Polish Adults. Vaccines, 10(2), 268.

Baran, M., Hamer, K., Marchlewska, M., Baran, T., & Kaniasty, K. (2021). Gotowość do pomagania i udzielanie pomocy w pandemii COVID-19: rola orientacji politycznych. [Readiness to help and giving help in the COVID-19 pandemic – the role of political orientations] In: M. Kaczmarek-Śliwińska (ed.) Medialno-społeczny obraz Covid-19: Solidarność czy polaryzacja – Podsumowanie, diagnoza, rekomendacje [The media and social image of Covid-19: Solidarity or Polarization - Summary, diagnosis, recommendations] (pp. 11-43). Warszawa: Wydawnictwo SBP.

Baran, M., & Hamer, K. (2021). Młodzi dorośli podczas pandemii Covid-19. [Young adults during COVID-19 pandemic] In: Skarżyńska, K. (ed.). Młodzi dorośli : identyfikacje, postawy, aktywizm i problemy życiowe [Young adults: their identifications, attitudes, activism, and life problems] (pp. 99-123). Warszawa: Instytut Problemów Współczesnej Cywilizacji im Marka Dietricha.

Hamer, K., Baran, M., Marchlewska, M. & Kaniasty, K (2021). Zmiany w identyfikacjach społecznych, myśleniu spiskowym, obawach, dorastanie i zachowaniach Polaków podczas pierwszej fali pandemii COVID-19. [Changes in social identifications, conspiracy thinking, fears, well-being and behaviors of Poles during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic]. In J. Paluchowski, L. Bakiera (eds.). Psychospołeczny obraz pierwszej fali pandemii COVID-19 w Polsce. [Psychosocial image of a first wave of COVID-19 pandemic in Poland]. (pp. 125-143 ). Poznan: Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM. DOI:10.14746/amup.9788323239956

Conference & presentations