Justin D. Hackett

Short description

Ph.D. in Applied Social Psychology. Professor in the Department of Psychology at Pennsylvania Western University, United States

Places of work

Pennsylvania Western University, United States

Guest Editor of the Research Topic in Frontiers in Psychology: Global Human Identification: Studies of Its Roots, How It May Be Enlarged, and Its Expressions in Attitudes and Behavior

Summary of research

global identification, political and social activism, human rights-based issues, and, more broadly, political psychology, group processes, and intergroup relations

Research interests

Dr. Hackett is a professor at Pennsylvania Western University, where he teaches a variety of courses: social psychology, political psychology, cross-cultural psychology, and courses on human rights and social justice-based issues.  Dr. Hackett’s program of research focuses on global identification, political and social activism, human rights-based issues, and, more broadly, political psychology, group processes, and intergroup relations.


Selected publications:

Lavelle, J. M., Stephenson, C. L., Donaldson, S., Hackett, J. D. (in press). An empirical investigation of evaluators’ values and practice. American Journal of Evaluation. https://doi.org/10.1177/10982140211046537  


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