David Lopez

Short description

Ph.D., Post-doc at the Institute of Psychology, Polish Academy of Science, Warsaw, Poland and University of Warsaw, Poland. Expert in dynamic systems.

Places of work

Post-doc at the Institute Psychology, Polish Academy of Science (Warsaw, Poland), Post-doc at Department of Psychology, University of Warsaw (Warsaw, Poland), visiting researcher at Uppsala University (Uppsala, Sweden).

Principal Investigator in the project about the role of movement in the early development of attention in infants in IP PAS.

Summary of research

Non-linear methods, interactions, movement dynamics, eye-tracking, near-infrared spectroscopy, magnetic resonance imaging.

Research interests

My main research focuses on the application of non-linear dynamical system methods to study human and animal behaviour.

Particularly, I focused on parent-infant interactions and how infants need to dynamically learn to use their effectors to couple their actions with their parents. Thus, I use state-of-the-art movement extraction algorithms to extract movement from videos which I combine with dynamical system methods to study how this synchrony arises. Also, I study the development of attention in infants during the first year of life applying these non-linear methods in different eye-tracking tasks. My current grant will join both topics and will focus on how movement influences the development of attention.

On a different side, I continue with my PhD topic which looks on how quantum processes could be the origin of consciousness.

In the Identification with All Humanity Lab I take part in experiments testing reactions of people with high and low identification with all humanity in social interactions.


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